Mariners Season Preview Series

I have inadvertently written a few pieces previewing the Mariners upcoming season. Read away.

Assessing the Mariners’ Chances in the AL West

Why Michael Saunders is the Most Important Player in the Mariners’ Lineup

Projecting the Mariners’ Opening Day Lineup

The Mariners Recent Power Surge is a Sign of Good Things to Come

This is the M’s Depth Chart and This is What I’m Going to Write About- Looking at the Mariners Possible Strengths and Weaknesses

Hey, the A’s Did it, How About Us?

Can The Mariners Be Baseball’s Version of the Clippers?

Assessing the Mariners’ Chances in the AL West

Last year the M’s were left in the cold.

The A’s, Rangers and Angels all got to fight over the AL West crown, and while the Mariners had that opportunity, they didn’t exactly take it. This year will be different.

The first difference is that the Astros are part of the division. Houston isn’t going to be a doormat for the rest of the division, but they probably won’t factor in to the playoff race with the exception of playing spoiler for a week in the fall.

Which leaves the old guard as the likely contenders. I’m talking A’s, Rangers, Halos and M’s.

M’s. That’s right, Seattle is going to contend this year. Continue reading

What We Learned from Gonzaga’s Win over Southern

It shouldn’t have been as close, or maybe it should have, or maybe it shouldn’t have. Gonzaga would have won by more for a few reasons.

  • One, Elias Harris was 2-10 from the field. I think around five of those shots were blocked at the rim. SU’s front line combined for seven blocks. Seemed like all of the blocks were on Harris.
  • Two, the refs made some iffy calls Continue reading

Why Michael Saunders Is the Most Important Player in the Seattle Mariners’ Lineup

Big name additions Mike Morse and Kendrys Morales might be viewed as the most important players in the M’s lineup. It might be the development of budding stars Jesus Montero, Dustin Ackley and Kyle Seager. Or it could be Michael Saunders.

Michael Saunders who hit .727 (that being 8 for 11 for all of you who didn’t major in some sort of math at MIT) in the World Baseball Classic. Michael Saunders, who I gave the nickname Grand Torrido to despite “Torrido” meaning torrid in Italian and the M’s having one of the more prominent Italian players in the game of baseball in their organization: Alex Liddi. Whatever, Saunders is the most important player in the lineup and this is why.

He extends the lineup. Continue reading

Picking the Field: NCAA Tournament Predictions – And Yes, I Have Gonzaga Winning it All

Last year I wrote a terribly long essay on my NCAA “Picks to Clicks.” (In hindsight, that title is grammatically screwed up. Alas what a year of writing can do for you’re grammer skills.)

This year I won’t bore you with the reasons why Notre Dame will beat Iowa State (Notre Dame wins the game by the way) or why Louisville will beat Western Kentucky (see Sheen, Charlie: Um… Duhhh.) But I will share most of my latter tournament predictions and such. Which will all end with Gonzaga cutting down the nets in Atlanta.

These are my non-chalk picks in the first round, or the round after 60 teams get a “bye”- Continue reading

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