Latest Semi-Often Sonics Skims

As we await the return of the Sonics tomorrow, here is the latest from the ‘net.

Tom Ziller explains why there’s no reason for the NBA to delay expansion to Seattle. 

Macklemore isn’t too pleased with the OKC Raiders using his latest hit “Can’t Hold Us” during games.

In strange, or not-so-strange timing, the NBA is apparently ready to start informal negotiations on its next TV deal. FWI (as the kids say,) their current deal with Turner Sports and ESPN expires in two years.

Brian Floyd answers some frequently asked questions on the Sonics/Kings situation over at SB Nation.

David Aldridge would like the situation to end. 

Kevin Durant is still supporting the Emerald City.

(Hat tip to Sonics Rising for tweeting it.)

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Latest Sonics Links: Keeping You Up to Date

The Sonics situation is getting more unpredictable by the hour. Here’s the latest from around the web to keep you up to date.

A Message From Chris Hansen.

SB Nation- Kings sale-  Seattle investor Chris Hansen vows to fight NBA decision.

Ian Thomsen- NBA’s Loyalty to Sacramento Could Prove Costly Financially.

From David Aldridge- Kings Might Stay in Sacramento.

Also from Aldridge, looking at the 12 Owners on the Relocation/Financial Committee.

King 5’s Take.

SuperSonicSoul on the Seattle SuperSonics vs. the NBA.

Jerry Brewer- NBA Changes the Rules, Breaks Hearts of Seattle Fans Again.

King 5’s Timeline of the Sonics Situation So Far.

Also from the Seattle Times, Heartbroken Sonics Fans React to Bad News from the NBA.

The PI’s Take on It All.

Finally, Seattle SuperSonics Relocation: The Hypocrisy of David Stern from Bleacher Report’s Todd Pheifer.