NBA Seattle: Twitter Reaction to the Oklahoma City Basketball Team Missing the Playoffs

One of the best days of the year came Wednesday when the New Orleans Pelicans made it to the NBA playoffs as the eighth and final seed. Of course this meant that team from Oklahoma missed the playoffs. Here’s what Twitter had to say.

Quality graphic there. Awful color scheme though.

Another quality graphic, more awful colors.

  This is a valid point.

Look Pelicans, you’ve saved the folks at Sonicsgate time and money. Good for you! Also, #Thunderdown is my new favorite hashtag, right up there with #NOKC and #Shamelessselfpromotion

More fan reaction–

Hey look gang, a Sherman Alexie appearance!

Seattle was so pumped that the team from Oklahoma missed the playoffs that they threw an actual party, and Shawn Kemp was there!

We’ll let Sonicsman wrap things up.

Bring back our Sonics!

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