NBA Seattle: Prospect of NBA Returning to Seattle Looks Extremely Promising

It has been eight long year since the Seattle SuperSonics left the Pacific Northwest.

Now, it seems Seattle is closer to getting the Sonics and the NBA back in Seattle.

Back in mid-October, the fine people at SB Nation’s Sonics Rising reported that expansion was “on the table” for the NBA with a new CBA widely reported to be in the works. After seeing the Kings rescued and new arenas being built in other cities, this has been Seattle’s best shot to reenter the league.

Within the week, news came out about Chris Hansen (the driving force behind bringing back the Sonics) buying even more land in SoDo.

So things were obviously looking positive for Seattle’s efforts to restore professional men’s basketball to the Emerald City.

There was also this nugget from a David Aldridge article about the subject of basketball in the Pacific Northwest’s largest city. The writer quoted “a very high ranking executive of one of the league’s 29 teams.” Said executive was quoted as saying “Seattle is a far better market than at least 10 NBA cities.”

So hey, we’ve got that going for us.

While there was obvious caution seeing as we’ve swung and miss with the league before, things were looking up.

Then this wonderful (at least for those who want to see the National Basketball Association back in the Pacific Northwest) news broke. King 5’s Chris Daniels reported that Hansen and company are offering to privately fund the new SoDo arena, as well as helping to fund the Lander Street overpass.

Additionally, Daniels’ reports also states that the offer is “conditioned on the city agreeing to vacate a one-block stretch of Occidental Avenue and the addition of several tax credits.”

The website behind Hansen’s efforts to build a new arena also announced the news.

What’s more, according to a tweet from Daniels, Seattle Council president Bruce Harrell calls the offer to privately fund the arena a “game changer.” You can see the entire tweet below.

NEW: @SeattleCouncil President @bruceharrell on #SeattleArena private offer: “game changer”, will look to reconvene committee to discuss it.

— Chris Daniels (@ChrisDaniels5) October 25, 2016


It is extremely positive news for hoop fans in Seattle. While it by no means ensures that a team will come, it is a massive step forward in the grand scheme of things if Hansen is able to privately fund the arena and the overpass.

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“Back to Work” Inspires Hope for Seattle’s NBA Future

Chris Hansen’s NBA team, or team of people trying to bring the NBA back to Seattle, are back to work according to their Twitter feed.



Expansion is looking more and more like an option. Well, it kind of has to be unless you want to count on Sacramento’s arena folding by 2017, in which case the NBA can arrange a sale to a new ownership group who would move the team out of California’s capitol. Meaning that unless another city comes along, not completely out of left field, but close, Seattle would be looked at as a front runner.

So there is that option, or Seattle could twiddle its collective thumbs until Franchise X in City Y runs into a brick wall out of nowhere.

I like expansion better.

Expansion probably isn’t going to happen this offseason, unless Hansen and friends have been in a huddle with Stern and his many cronies discussing it recently. Even then, there is the issue of the draft. Or drafts. The expansion draft would have to happen, and the normal NBA draft. Which, if Seattle got a team this year, their front office would go into the draft completely blind, not having done a whole lot of homework.

So, maybe the Sonics come back next year. I can wait. At least it’s not 2017.

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Speculative/Potential Sonics Coaches

The Kings had a poor season. They struggled on the court and needed a truly miraculous effort by Kevin Johnson to even give the city a small chance to keep the team. The Kings had a poor season, and regardless of the move to Seattle, are likely in for some changes.
This is why this is here, not to blow smoke on the matter, but to give you, my fellow Northwesterners, a look at who might be in the realm of possibility.

Phil Jackson. Everyone would like to have the Zen Master as their coach. But likely, no one will get him. Jackson is retired and will probably stay that way. We Sonics fans can dream, right?
(That isn’t to say that the rest of the list are garbage candidates, but there are few current coaches who can compete with the Zen Master, and we aren’t getting Popovich, Doc Rivers or George Karl. Wait a minute…)

George Karl. A dark horse at this point, probably more of a long shot. There is no thought process that the Nuggets can have that convinces them to let him go. Denver would probably want compensation for Karl if he left, big “if,” I know. They would also probably ask for the world, all of its moons, and half of Chris Hansen’s income next year. If Andre Iguodala leaves in free agency, Tyreke Evans isn’t a bad fit to replace him on the wing, from a “tools” stand point. He (Evans) could be a better defender, I know.

Brian Shaw. If Jackson is hired as a potential “czar” and/or advisor of the Sonics’ front office, then Shaw would make a whole lot of sense as the head coach. Shaw is widely regarded as one of the better assistant coaches in the league, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around why the Lakers didn’t give him the head coaching gig when the Zen Master retired.


Nate McMillan. Having Mr. Sonic back on the side lines would be a hand-in-glove fit. Insert Reign Man and Downtown puns here.
It’s all speculative at this point. Regardless of who the coach is, we’re getting basketball back in Seattle.
Who would you add to the list? Let me know in comments below.

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